2 Million Borrowed Money Unsecured

Holidays are a festive occasion for Muslims after a full month of fasting. For Indonesian people, this holiday moment is so intense that its name goes back to the hometown. Holidays are a tradition traditionally practiced by the Indonesian community. Usually, people will go from H-7 to H-1 before the holiday. Since it’s a tradition, people will usually be willing to spend more money on this fringe.

As you know, during the month of Ramadan monthly expenditure will definitely increase by double. Especially by the holiday. Plus there is this tradition of this holiday. If your existing funds are out of stock during the month of Ramadan and the funds have not dropped while you are about to go back, what will you do? The only way is to lend 2 million unsecured money.

Lending 2 Million Money Without Warranty For Flexible Needs, Can I?

Lending 2 Million Money Without Warranty For Flexible Needs, Can I?

Of course, you are wondering if we can lend 2 million unsecured loans for extended needs? Before answering that question, you should know what a 2 million dollar loan is without a guarantee. As the name implies, this 2 million unsecured loan is a $ 2 million loan without the need to provide collateral or collateral as a condition of the loan.

Most 2 million unsecured lenders are Good Finance companies that can lend online up to $ 1 million. Why not just borrow it from the bank? It should be noted that the unsecured loans at the bank offer a minimum loan of at least USD5 million so if you only apply for a $ 2 million loan, then it is certain that your loan will be rejected by the bank. So what about Pawnshop? When applying for a loan at Pawnshop, you will surely be required to provide guarantees such as vehicle BPK, gold, home certificates, or other valuable documents. So, it could be said that online loans are a good fit for you.

In answer to the above question, can we lend 2 million unsecured loans for broadband purposes? The answer is definitely valid as long as you can return it on time. Even better when your THR fund goes down, immediately pay off the 2 million unsecured debt so you won’t be out of debt when you celebrate the holiday. Usually, THR is liquid at least H-3 by the end of the day. If the company or office you work for has not reduced THR, then you can ask the HRD.

How To Make A 2 Million Money Lender Unsecured

How To Make A 2 Million Money Lender Unsecured

If you are confused about how to make this 2 million unsecured loan, you can read the explanation.

  • Do Mature Calculations

The first way to do this is to make the calculations straightforward. This needs to be done so that in the future the $ 2 million can be used properly and properly. Don’t come because of the miscalculation, the funds are being borrowed less to meet the needs of the public.

To put it simply, make a list of expenses on the go, ranging from car tickets (planes, buses, or trains) to commutes, meals on the go, souvenirs, parcels for families, and more. If your budget exceeds your budget, you can reduce some unnecessary spending.

  • Check for Allocation of Funds for a Student

The second way is to check the allocation of funds that you have for the off-season. Usually the allocation of funds for the forthcoming source goes to THR funds. The question is whether your THR funds are used for broadband purposes only? We recommend that when receiving THR, set aside 10-20% to save or allocate for investment first. Then pay off all the debt you have. Only the rest of you can use it for holiday needs.

  • Define Loan Provider

If both of these things are done, it’s time to determine the lender. As mentioned earlier, the option of a 2 million unsecured lender is a Good Finance company that can give you an unsecured online loan. But don’t choose a Good Finance company! Look for those who are already registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) because all of their processes have been monitored to be safe and reliable. One of the Good Finance companies already registered with OJK is Good Credit. Good Credit is an online loan application that can provide loans ranging from $ 1 million to $ 20 million.

  • Select the Right Payment Period

Please note that the online loan application for 2 million unsecured loans is different from bank lending because the duration of the loan is very short in terms of borrowed funds. You can choose a loan term of up to 180 days (6 months). Specify a payment period that suits your financial ability. Avoid taking the wrong payment period, resulting in late payment of installment debt.

  • Prepare Required Terms

Preparing the required terms is one of the most important things to do when applying for a 2 million unsecured loan. If the terms are incomplete and cannot be met, your loan application can be rejected. Di Good Credit, his application requirements are only 3, that is, a National Identity Card (ID), NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number), and a local account number.

How to Make a Loan on Good Credit

How to Make a Loan on Good Credit

If you want to lend it to Good Credit, the method is really easy because you can simply follow some of the steps below:

  • Download the on the PlayStore or AppStore
  • Sign up and complete the data
  • After successfully registering, login
  • Fill out the desired loan amount and tenor term
  • Click start applying

Now you just have to wait for your loan to be processed by Good Credit. If the personal data provided and the documents are complete, the funds can be liquid in just a few days. Liquid funds will be transferred directly to your local bank account which you have previously provided.

Don’t Forget Paying Timely Installments

Although you could have easily lent 2 million unsecured loans to Good Credit, but don’t forget to pay the installments in a timely manner so that when you need another loan, you can easily lend it because it has a very good credit history. I hope the above information is useful to you Dude and congratulations on your holiday preparations!

Calculating Simple Online Loans, Follow the Way!

Simulating online Good Credit loan calculations is a must when applying for a loan to know how much we can afford. But doing calculations of online Good Credit loans is not easy.

Unsecured credit or better known as Good Credit is one of the types of loans provided by the bank without the need to guarantee or guarantee any asset. Good Credits can be applied in two ways – offline and online.

If you are applying for a Good Credit loan offline 

If you are applying for a Good Credit loan offline 

Then you should come to your nearest bank branch and submit it directly to your bank officer. But if you choose to apply online, then you don’t have to bother coming to the bank. Just visit the official website of your online mortgage loan bank and you can apply online . Please note that this online Good Credit loan has its advantages and disadvantages, namely:

  • Applying is easier because it’s done online
  • The process of disbursement is fast because the entry requirements document is digital
  • Credit limits are huge because they can reach hundreds of millions
  • The tenor term can be up to 60 months
  • Can be used for any purpose
  • Loan interest rates are quite high
  • Must have a credit card with a minimum of 1 year

But before applying for an online Good Credit loan, it is highly recommended that you do a calculation simulation. The goal is to see how much you can financially afford to pay off the installment debt so that each month’s installment can be paid off in a timely manner.

Terms Available In Online Good Credit Loan Calculation

Terms Available In Online Good Credit Loan Calculation

For a Buddy who will perform an online Good Credit loan calculator simulation, you should first understand some of the most commonly used terms, namely:

  • Creditors

It is a financial institution that lends a large sum of money through the credit system to the public Examples of financial institutions that are lenders are banks, pawnshops, and fintech companies.

  • Debtor

A cash lender to a financial institution with a credit rating over a period of time.

  • The borrowed floor

This is the limit of the loan amount or the amount of the loan lent to the debtor. The loan ceiling has the minimum and maximum amount of loan funds.

  • Tenor period

It is the term of the loan that the lender gives the lender to repay the loan. Credit uninsured tenants typically range from 12, 24, 36, to 60 months.

  • Installment / installment

The amount of funds to be paid or disbursed on a monthly basis during the tenor period. The amount of these funds can be fixed and can also vary depending on the type of interest charged.

  • Interest rate

This is the amount of interest to be paid each month along with the installment or installment of funds. In the online Good Credit, the most commonly used rates are flat rates and floating rates . The flat interest rate is a flat rate where the interest rate and installment remain the same so that each month the installment payment amount remains constant until the end of the tenor period. Whereas floating interest rates are different per month depending on the movement of interest rates on the market.

Online Good Credit Loan Calculation Simulation

Online Good Credit Loan Calculation Simulation

Now we’re going to simulate online Good Credit loans online . HelloMoney.com will provide one example case for you. Let’s say you want to take out a $ 120 million online Good Credit loan for home renovations. Interest rates are 10% flat interest per annum with tenor installments taking 12 months because you don’t want to owe it too much. Then the calculation of the credit simulation without the collateral is as follows:

Basic installment: $ 100 million: 12 months = $ 10 million per month

Interest charged: $ 100 x 10%: 12 months = $ 1 million per month

Monthly installments payable: $ 10 million + $ 1 million = $ 11 million

So every month you have to pay a $ 11 installment until the tenor ends up being 12 months. Then what if your financial ability to pay off Good Credit’s installment debt is less than $ 11 million a month? Relax Dude, you can change the tenor installment period to 24 months to make the monthly installment lighter.

If it takes 24 months, then its online Good Credit calculation simulator turns out to be this:

Basic installment: $ 100 million: 24 months = $ 5 million per month

Interest charged: $ 120 million x 10%: 12 months = $ 1 million per month

Monthly installments payable: $ 5 million + $ 1 million = $ 6 million per month

It doesn’t appear that, taking ten months’ installment tenure, the amount of monthly installments you pay becomes smaller, which is $ 6 million per month.

Indeed, in comparison, the total interest payable should be greater if you take the longer tenor. But rather than having difficulty paying monthly installments and risking delays or late payments, it’s best to take a longer tenor to pay off the Good Credit installments on time.

Is Calculation of Online Good Credit Loans with Online Loans?

Then what about calculating for online loans? In fact, this online loan calculation is the same as the online Good Credit loan calculation. Just for online loans, interest is calculated by day, not by month. This is why interest rates online are so small compared to online Good Credit loans.

Let’s take a look at how online loans are calculated. Let’s say you want to take out a $ 10 million online loan for a hospital fee. The interest rate charged is 0.5% per day with the tenor tenure taken 90 days (3 months) because you do not want to owe too much. Then the simulation calculations of the online Good Credit loan calculations are as follows:

Basic installment : USD 10 million: 3 = $ 3.3 million per month

Interest charged: $ 10 million x 0.5% x 30 days = $ 1.5 million per month

Monthly installments payable: $ 3.3 million + $ 1.5 million = $ 4.8 million per month

Take a peek at the strengths of the Loan

In this life, we are sometimes faced with situations of financial difficulty that are quite urgent such as lack of expenses to pay for hospitals, pay for tuition, remodeling of homes affected by natural disasters, and so on. When it comes to these situations, the money in the savings should be a source of funding. But what if the amount of money in your savings is not enough? What steps can you take? One way is to apply for an unsecured loan.

One of the most unsecured loan lenders you can choose from is Good Credit Bank. Good Credit Bank or Good Credit Indonesia Bank is a Surabaya-based bank established since 1991. Good Credit Bank has one of the most unsecured loan products under the name Good Credit Bank. Good Credit Bank’s products can provide you with loans of up to $ 2 million up to $ 20 million. The installment period provided by Good Credit Bank is 6 months to 20 months.

In order to be more confident before applying for a Good Credit Bank loan, you must first understand some of the advantages that this loan product has:

Without Warranty


The first advantage is that you have no guarantees or guarantees so that you don’t have to worry about certain assets such as cars, houses, or valuable papers. This is why the Good Credit Bank loan is widely sought after by the public as not everyone has the security that can be guaranteed when applying for a loan.

Can Be Used For Anything

Unlike loan types such as Mortgages (Mortgage Loans) dedicated to home buying, Motor Vehicle Credit (KKB) for vehicle purchases, KUR (People’s Business Credit) only allowed for venture capital, Good Credit Bank loans can be used for any purpose only, from home renovations, hospital fees, vehicle repair costs, and more. But remember, if ya dude you should not use the loan Good Credit Bank for consumptive expenditure.

Fast Process

With no collateral, the Good Credit Bank loan process is extremely fast because there is no need for a collateral asset valuation process. Plus, this Good Credit Bank loan can be applied online so it’s definitely faster. If the requirements document you provide is complete, within 24 hours the submission can be processed immediately. As for disbursement of funds, it can only take 1-3 business days. This fast process will be very beneficial to those who need fast funds.

Safe and Trusted

Although the application can be made online , the Good Credit Bank loan is safe and reliable as Good Credit Bank is registered and overseen by the OJK (Financial Services Authority), so all lending activities are subject to the standard conditions. In addition Good Credit Bank has a good reputation and its credibility is also high.

No Credit Card Ownership Required

Bank-issued unsecured loans usually require credit card ownership with a minimum of 1 year of active use. This is often a hindrance to people who want to lend without a loan. But the terms of credit card ownership do not apply to the Good Credit Bank loan. Even if you don’t have a credit card from any bank, you can still apply for a Good Credit Bank loan.

No Salary Slip

In addition to not requiring credit card ownership, Good Credit Bank also does not require a pay slip or income statement. Of course, this is especially beneficial for beginners and freelance workers , entrepreneurs, or professionals with no pay slip. Instead, you just give me a job description.

Unconditional loans typically have a floating interest rate system that keeps track of market interest rates so there is no definitive benchmark on how much interest will be charged. Other than the Good Credit Bank loan which uses a fixed monthly interest rate of 3% until the end of the installment tenor. This 3% interest applies to all loan terms and tenor periods taken. So even if you take out a $ 5 million loan, the calculation will be the same as the $ 20 million loan.

Unsatisfactory Terms


Good Credit Bank’s E-Money Loan has very easy to meet requirements and is not rigid. All you have to do is meet Indonesian Citizenship (WNI) status, 21 years old and up to 60 years old at the time of retirement, have a worker with a minimum income of USD3 million, have a national ID card, have a personal bank account, and reside in JABODETABEK, Sidoarjo area, Surabaya, and Greece.

No Penalty Fees

Almost all banks apply a penalty charge if the installment payment is paid in advance or is paid in advance. The amount of these penalties will also be substantial as it replaces the interest you would have to pay in the next installment. But for a Good Credit Bank loan, you will not be charged a penny if you pay in advance.

How To Get A Loan From My Bank

Once you find out what the benefits of Good Credit Bank are, you immediately apply for a Good Credit Bank loan. How to apply is very easy. You can just visit Good Credit Bank’s official website and sign up for a login . Once logged in , you just have to fill out your personal data and loan form. If so, there will be a courier delivering the document to sign. If so, a new Good Credit Bank loan will be processed. If the loan is accepted, the funds will be liquidated directly into your personal account.

Want to Apply for a Fast Loan Without Ribet Conditions?

Need an emergency fund? Certainly, a fast loan with no terms will be an option. How do I get it and what to do? You can find the answer below!

In life, we are likely to be faced with a situation where we are in need of funds for a particular need. Before the internet, we tend to lend to people nearby, from friends, family, to co-workers. If these loans are not available, then we will apply for a conventional bank loan.

But unfortunately applying for a bank loan is not as easy as you think it is because there are many requirements that you must meet. Not to mention the process checking in advance to see if you’ve had a history of previous debt. If anything, have you ever paid back your debts? This check is done by the bank to make sure you are the right person to pay the debt.

Such a complicated process has made people lend more money online. An online loan alias loan is a fast, unconditional fast loan that most people are interested in. Plus this type of loan has a greater likelihood of acceptance because the process is much easier and faster with respect to the data provided already in digital form.

Benefits of Online Loans


So that you don’t hesitate to apply for an online loan, be aware of some of the advantages of this one type of loan:

  • The process is very easy
  • The fund’s disbursement process is fast
  • No guarantees required
  • There are not many required conditions
  • The chance for approval is greater
  • Can be used for anything
  • There are many lending options

Quick Loans Without Ribbon Requirements, Just Prepare It!

To apply for a fast loan without any slack, there are usually only five basic requirements:

  • ID

The first requirement that you usually have to provide is your ID or Resident Card. This ID is intended as a sign that you are a citizen of Indonesia old enough to be able to lend a fast and unconditional loan. Although there are basic ID requirements, you must also meet the minimum and maximum age requirements. Minimum must be 21 years and maximum of 65.

  • NPWP

In addition to IDS, there is also a basic IDW when it comes to applying for a fast loan without the hassle of a loan. If you pay taxes regularly, you can also pay off fast loan terms without the need for timely repayment.

  • Have a Fixed Income

Next, you need to have a fixed income each month. Usually, there will be columns of data that require you to fill in your current job status as well as the monthly earnings you have. The type of job you do is not a problem in fast loans without a lot of debt as long as you have a fixed income. But never fabricate your data! You have to fill it out properly and honestly because if you find that you are filling in the wrong personal data, then the provider will immediately put you on the blacklist.

  • Pay slip

In addition to having a fixed income, you will usually be asked to include a payslip document when applying for a fast, unconditional fast money loan. Then what if we weren’t regular employees? If you are a professional or entrepreneur, you can include a bank account or photocopy of your savings book for the last three months as your financial statement to the lender. You can also give the Annual SPT.

  • Personal Account

Lastly, there is a requirement to have a personal bank account. Why can’t you use someone else’s account? This is intended for providers to easily synchronize or verify data. There are some providers that require local bank account ownership as set by Good Credit. So if you don’t have your own bank account, then do it right away!

How To Apply for A Quick Loan Without Requirements

How To Apply for A Quick Loan Without Requirements

Then how to ask her how? You can just follow the steps below!

  • Find and Compare Unlimited Personal Loan Providers

The first way to do this is to make sure you seek out a personal loan provider without any hassle. But don’t just look for one provider. You should look for at least two to three lenders in order to compare which offers are best. That way, you won’t feel bad and regret it later.

  • Meet the Required Document Terms

Next is to meet the necessary documents. Since the conditions are not so great, you can immediately set them up. If you submit online, then prepare the document requirements in the form of a digital alias that is scanned in advance. But if you are applying offline by going directly to the provider’s office, then prepare the document requirements in a photocopy.

  • Determine Loan Nominees and Loan Duration

Next, decide how many nominations you’ll borrow. On average, these unconditional personal loans can provide loan packages ranging from $ 1 million or $ 5 million to hundreds of millions of dollars, depending on the provider. Apply for a loan! Don’t be tempted to apply for a larger loan because the debt burden must be heavy.

If you have a predefined online money loan, it’s time to take a loan. The loan term is usually fixed between 3 months and 60 months. The higher the loan ceiling, the longer the maximum installment period.

  • Perform the Installment Calculation Simulation

Performing a private loan calculator simulation is very important. The goal is to know what financial ability you have. How do I simulate loan installment calculations? You can search Google for installment calculations online.

  • Read the Terms of Use Carefully

The last step is to read the terms that apply because different private lending providers are sloppy, and they may be different. So pay close attention to the conditions such as minimum and maximum loan terms, minimum and maximum loan terms, late payment fees, penalty fees, payment methods, and so on.

Unrestricted Quick Loans in Good Credit, Just Set Up 3 Terms Only!

Unrestricted Quick Loans in Good Credit, Just Set Up 3 Terms Only!

Don’t bother with the many terms and conditions? Calm down, man! There is a loan that can be disbursed in just three terms: a national ID, a government account, and a local bank account. Where is it? You can apply for a small loan through Good Credit. Good Credit is an online loan application registered with OJK so its security is guaranteed. From the filing, disbursement, payment, until billing is monitored by OJK.

The Good Credit provides loans ranging from $ 1 million to $ 20 million with a ten-day grace period of 180 days (6 months). For how propose is easy because you can simply download the app Good Credit is in PlayStore or AppStore. Then sign up and log into the Good Credit application. In the future, you will need to apply for a loan with the desired duration. When done, complete the required documentation and click submit.

All of the application processes in the app are intentionally made as easy as possible so you don’t get confused when you submit them. For the loan disbursement process, once the application is received, you can get it in 1-3 business days. Refunded funds will be transferred directly to your local bank savings accounts.

Keep in mind that when you make a quick, unconditional loan, you have to repay it on time. Avoid delays in payments as this could result in a debt ceiling and may affect your credit history later. Congratulations on applying for a fast loan without any favors and hopefully your application is accepted!

Submission of a Declined Bank Loan?

It is not unusual for a bank loan to be rejected. If you have a refusal, you can count on the non- bank secured loans listed below!

Banks are always a great place to go when they need a loan. Whether it is a loan to buy a home or a vehicle, it may need cash to be used for other purposes such as for business capital. People choose to lend to banks for security reasons that are far from fraudulent. Also, the loan ceiling provided is also quite large.

But unfortunately, not all loan applications are always accepted by banks. Few people experience loan refusal for certain reasons such as requirements you cannot fulfill, documents provided are incomplete or unauthorized until you fail Bank Checking because you have previously had a delinquent debt elsewhere. If it’s like this, then what should we do?

Non-Bank Guaranteed Loan Options

Non-Bank Guaranteed Loan Options

Applying for a bank refusal does not mean that you cannot apply elsewhere because there are still many options for non- bank loan securities you need to know:

Close relatives and friends

The first choice is relatives or close friends. Some people tend to lend money to relatives or close friends when they are in need of a quick cash advance because the process is non-linear and does not require special requirements like a bank. The downside to this option is that the amount of money you borrow is definitely not too much. Plus, the possibility of online money loans being rejected by relatives or close friends is even greater because when you borrow, of course, they have funds available.


The second option for a non- bank unsecured loan is the office where you work. We often know this type of loan under the name of cash. Usually, the borrowed funds will be paid by deducting their monthly salary with the nominal and repayment terms agreed to by both parties, yourself and the office. The requirements to be met are also not exhaustive. Usually, you are only asked to make a loan statement that will be given to the finance department. If the loan is approved, the funds will be liquidated that day as well.

Unlike many loan options for family and close friends, lending options to this office also cannot provide a high loan ceiling. The average office will only lend at least 1 to 2 times the amount of your monthly salary.



For those who live in small towns, cooperatives are still the preferred choice of non- bank unsecured loans. The reason is that the interest given by this cooperative is so low that it is affordable to all. The cooperative, which is a non- bank institution, only provides for ID (Resident Card) ID, payslip, and electric or telephone bill.

Given that the source of this cooperative fund comes from the members’ dues, then the amount that can be borrowed is not large. The average cooperative only lend hundreds of thousands to a maximum of $ 5 million.

Venture Capital Company


If the funds you want to borrow are used as venture capital, then you can apply for a non- bank unsecured loan to a venture capital firm. What exactly is a venture capital company? Venture capital companies do sound foreign to their ears because few people use them. This venture capital company is a financial institution that will provide financing from one company to another through loans in the form of capital stock ownership aliases.

In other words, the venture you are going to invest in will be capitalized first by the venture capital company. In the future when the business is in progress, you will be required to return the funds along with the percentage of profits that the parties have agreed upon in advance. The amount of funds that this venture capital company can provide is huge because it can reach hundreds of millions. But remember, proposals and prospects you should definitely yes dude!