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Every day, scientific work shows that animals are sensitive, inventive, and expressive. Our perception on them has changed. An evolution that leads to a revolution in practices and minds; when human pressure has never weighed so heavily on nature and animals.

This positive revolution does not oppose humans to animals, on the contrary.

Using a network of experts, multimedia creations and a collaborative community, we thrive to to promote new ways of coexisting with animals.


movement !

A non-profit to unite willingness

Energy & creativity

Animal Revolutions wants to be a projects and initiatives’ catalyst that connects humans and animals.
Driven by the desire to build intelligent cohabitation with wild and domestic animals, we wish to speak positively and constructively.
If this is to be a fight, then our weapons will be the knowledge and talent of all: scientists, artists, business leaders, communities, etc.
Everywhere around the world, men and women have already moved forward. Amazing, concrete and positive initiatives are already proving their worth. They offer a more respectful world where man flourishes alongside animals.

Accepting this new vision on animals must be positive & shared.

All involved

A Positive Revolution

Which is part of responsible economic development emerging challenges ; which encourages innovation, creates opportunities, calls for individual and collective initiatives in all four corners of the world and in a variety of disciplines; to inspire a new generation, triger sharing of/in a community.

Because this revolution does not oppose men (humans ?) to animals, quite the contrary. Becoming an actor of this revolution means contributing to build a society that respects each other.

Using a unique scientific popularization and communication/promotion strategy of human and animals biding issues, Animal Revolutions wants to accompany these changes.

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