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The association – functioning


Working principle

The Animal Revolutions is a non profit association, created and chaired by Karine Lou Matignon, aims to promote new ways to live with the animals through a network of experts, multimedia creations and collaborative community, all stakeholders of this revolution.

In 2015, Karine Lou Matignon founded the Animal Revolutions in the prolongation of her activities and commitment to the relationship between man and animals. The Animal Revolitions association aims to raise awareness, and mobilize support for these social changes and improve relationships between people and animals.

3 major themes :
  • Animal Skills
  • Men-animal relationships
  • The evolution of this revolution and challenges in our society
Karine Lou Matignon

Author and journalist specialized on the topic of Man / animal relationship for 20 years (publishing, documentary, fiction, staging, organizing conferences and seminars).


Among her works :
– The most beautiful story of men and animals, with Boris CYRULNIK, Seuil, 2000
– The fabulous adventure of men and animals, with Boris CYRULNIK, Le Chêne, 2001
– Animals also have rights, with Boris CYRULNIK, Elisabeth de FONTENAY, Peter SINGER, Seuil (2012)
– Listening to the wild world, Albin MICHEL, 2012
– Kids and Pets, links shared, La Martinière, 2012
– Animal Emotions, Chêne, 2005
– Food deadlock, with Nicolas HULOT, Fayard, 2004
– Without animals the world would not be humain, Albin MICHEL, 2000.



Les premiers membres
Alexandra Ternant

Trained in media and communications, Alexandra is head of documentary production and works primarily on subjects that link humankind to nature and to animals. Working alongside Animal Revolutions, she affirms her commitment to the enhancement of human-animal relations and contributes to the execution of innovative projects aiming to redefine the place of animals in today’s society.

Tennessee Charles

With extensive experience working with animals and an educational background combining science and the arts, Tennessee is sensitive to questions concerning human-animal relations. Assistant director, cameraman, production assistant for animal documentaries and canine behaviorist – these are the numerous roles that she hopes to play as part of the Animal Revolution team.

Tadzio Mac Gregor

was born in Mexico to a French mother and a Mexican father. En France he studied political science at the Université de Lyon and Latin American Studies at the IEP. He became interested at a very young age in social and environmental issues. Later on he worked with various NGOs in Vietnam, Mexico and France, all specializing in environmental conservation. Today he is a contributor to the US edition of The Huffington Post, to The Ecologist in the UK and to several media outlets in Mexico, France and Brazil. Tadzio works frequently on « Global Shakers », a series of documentary videos.


The Committee of experts

Animal Révolutions

The AR comity experts is worldwide and composed of a variety of known people from different domains : researchers from diverse disciplines, artists, jurists, teachers, entrepreneurs…

Eric Baratay (Historian) – Gilles Bœuf (Professor at the university Pierre et Marie Curie, Scientific Advisor to the President of the Muséum d’Histoire) – Marc Bekoff (Ethologist) – Florence Burgat (Director of research in philosophy) – Boris Cyrulnik (Neuropsychiatrist) – Fabienne Delfour (Ethologist) – Vinciane Despret (Ethologist et philosopher) Antoine Goestchel (Animal lawyer) – Valery Giroux (Philosopher and Professor of Animal Ethics) – Pierre Jouventin (Ethologist) – Barbara J. King (Anthropologist) – Matthieu Ricard (Biologist and Buddhist monk)

Autour de ce noyau dynamique s’associent des réalisateurs, monteurs, graphistes, producteurs, compositeurs confirmés qui adhèrent à la charte d’Animal Révolutions et participent à son développement. Vous voulez vous aussi rejoindre cette équipe, rien de plus simple. Contactez nous.

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