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Encounter with...


Depuis 2010, je colle mes photos d’animaux sur les murs, dans les rues de Paris. Je prépare minutieusement chaque installation. L’animal doit trouver sa place dans l’espace, le quartier, la rue…

Critique de l’Homme, critique de la société humaine, rappel de notre responsabilité dans le destin de la Nature… L’animal témoigne, il questionne le monde…


This encounter...

As a photographer since 1996, Sophie only works on series that inspire her before she publicly show them in exhibitions and festivals. She rarely works on request, unless she recognizes herself in the subject. Thus she has worked for fashion, music album covers and portraits of artists among other things. As she lives in the Bresse province in the French Burgundy region, she spends one week out of every three in Paris and a little more when she constructs collages.

… the streets.

She chose to reintroduce the animal in the city because the question is interesting… especially in our time, when so many species are in danger of extinction. To draw attention to us two-legged mammals, she carefully prepares every collage. Each night in the street requires a location recce that takes half a day or the whole day. She decides the precise location of her work and then, with a map of the district, she goes through every street, every dead end and pathway, looking for places where one of her animals could interact with the environment so that it creates an intriguing or amusing situation.

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