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Association Animal Révolutions
103, rue de Bellevue – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
+33 (0)6 22 15 66 64

About transparency

Our status as an association and our functioning allow us to ensure total transparency on the funds collected through memberships and partnerships with private or public companies.

Animal Revolutions, your mouvement

The Animal Revolutions is a non pro t association, created and chaired by Karine Lou Matignon, aims to promote new ways to live with the animals through a network of experts, multimedia creations and collaborative community, all stakeholders of this revolution.

In 2015, Karine Lou Matignon founded the Animal Revolutions in the prolongation of her activities and commitment to the relationship between man and animals. The Animal Revolutions association aims to raise awareness, and mobilize support for these social changes and improve relationships between people and animals.

Educate, enchant, inform and engage in projects that links man and animal, in respect of one and other, this is Animal Revolutions association’s mission.