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The situation today

How do you cook your animals ?

This is the question that was once asked ironically to researcher Ludovik Dickel whilst, 20 years earlier, he showed the octopus’ memory.
Today this animal is considered by the scientific community as intelligent, playful, crafty and being able to solve complex problems.
Juste yesterday, the magies were only tests and lamas were just food, we thought fish to thought to be insensitive, and birds and insects without intelligence.

The ways in which we view these animals have changed and as a result so have our relationships.

Over the last 20 years, I have followed this trend and approached the question of the animal from multiple angles. Recently, I found the birth of an international movement under the impetus driving force of scientific progress. By modifying the representations we have of animals, it invites us to find new ways of living together.


The animal question is now linked to the economic social, political and environmental future.


Everywhere, researchers, lawyers, students, thinkers, men and women politicians, artists, small and large companies, from one country to the other, are inventing other ways of living with animals.

This relationship ethic between man and animals permeates the culture of a whole new génération in the same way ecology marked the previous.

Do not forget that animal question has always been in tune with the great movements of human emancipation it entered politics in the name of democracy, under the influence of the great defenders of the oppressed.

developing ethical relationships with animals can only contribute to make us fully human.

Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Victor Hugo, Georges Clémenceau, Martin Luther King Jr. and many others have involved unreservedly the progress of a society that has consideration for animals in the name of justice and humanity.
Karine Lou Matignon

Graphique de Julien Tredan Turini dans le cadre de l’exposition “l’Animal est-il une personne ?” à la Cité des Sciences jusqu’au 13 novembre.