Take a peek at the strengths of the Loan

In this life, we are sometimes faced with situations of financial difficulty that are quite urgent such as lack of expenses to pay for hospitals, pay for tuition, remodeling of homes affected by natural disasters, and so on. When it comes to these situations, the money in the savings should be a source of funding. But what if the amount of money in your savings is not enough? What steps can you take? One way is to apply for an unsecured loan.

One of the most unsecured loan lenders you can choose from is Good Credit Bank. Good Credit Bank or Good Credit Indonesia Bank is a Surabaya-based bank established since 1991. Good Credit Bank has one of the most unsecured loan products under the name Good Credit Bank. Good Credit Bank’s products can provide you with loans of up to $ 2 million up to $ 20 million. The installment period provided by Good Credit Bank is 6 months to 20 months.

In order to be more confident before applying for a Good Credit Bank loan, you must first understand some of the advantages that this loan product has:

Without Warranty


The first advantage is that you have no guarantees or guarantees so that you don’t have to worry about certain assets such as cars, houses, or valuable papers. This is why the Good Credit Bank loan is widely sought after by the public as not everyone has the security that can be guaranteed when applying for a loan.

Can Be Used For Anything

Unlike loan types such as Mortgages (Mortgage Loans) dedicated to home buying, Motor Vehicle Credit (KKB) for vehicle purchases, KUR (People’s Business Credit) only allowed for venture capital, Good Credit Bank loans can be used for any purpose only, from home renovations, hospital fees, vehicle repair costs, and more. But remember, if ya dude you should not use the loan Good Credit Bank for consumptive expenditure.

Fast Process

With no collateral, the Good Credit Bank loan process is extremely fast because there is no need for a collateral asset valuation process. Plus, this Good Credit Bank loan can be applied online so it’s definitely faster. If the requirements document you provide is complete, within 24 hours the submission can be processed immediately. As for disbursement of funds, it can only take 1-3 business days. This fast process will be very beneficial to those who need fast funds.

Safe and Trusted

Although the application can be made online , the Good Credit Bank loan is safe and reliable as Good Credit Bank is registered and overseen by the OJK (Financial Services Authority), so all lending activities are subject to the standard conditions. In addition Good Credit Bank has a good reputation and its credibility is also high.

No Credit Card Ownership Required

Bank-issued unsecured loans usually require credit card ownership with a minimum of 1 year of active use. This is often a hindrance to people who want to lend without a loan. But the terms of credit card ownership do not apply to the Good Credit Bank loan. Even if you don’t have a credit card from any bank, you can still apply for a Good Credit Bank loan.

No Salary Slip

In addition to not requiring credit card ownership, Good Credit Bank also does not require a pay slip or income statement. Of course, this is especially beneficial for beginners and freelance workers , entrepreneurs, or professionals with no pay slip. Instead, you just give me a job description.

Unconditional loans typically have a floating interest rate system that keeps track of market interest rates so there is no definitive benchmark on how much interest will be charged. Other than the Good Credit Bank loan which uses a fixed monthly interest rate of 3% until the end of the installment tenor. This 3% interest applies to all loan terms and tenor periods taken. So even if you take out a $ 5 million loan, the calculation will be the same as the $ 20 million loan.

Unsatisfactory Terms


Good Credit Bank’s E-Money Loan has very easy to meet requirements and is not rigid. All you have to do is meet Indonesian Citizenship (WNI) status, 21 years old and up to 60 years old at the time of retirement, have a worker with a minimum income of USD3 million, have a national ID card, have a personal bank account, and reside in JABODETABEK, Sidoarjo area, Surabaya, and Greece.

No Penalty Fees

Almost all banks apply a penalty charge if the installment payment is paid in advance or is paid in advance. The amount of these penalties will also be substantial as it replaces the interest you would have to pay in the next installment. But for a Good Credit Bank loan, you will not be charged a penny if you pay in advance.

How To Get A Loan From My Bank

Once you find out what the benefits of Good Credit Bank are, you immediately apply for a Good Credit Bank loan. How to apply is very easy. You can just visit Good Credit Bank’s official website and sign up for a login . Once logged in , you just have to fill out your personal data and loan form. If so, there will be a courier delivering the document to sign. If so, a new Good Credit Bank loan will be processed. If the loan is accepted, the funds will be liquidated directly into your personal account.