2 Million Borrowed Money Unsecured

Holidays are a festive occasion for Muslims after a full month of fasting. For Indonesian people, this holiday moment is so intense that its name goes back to the hometown. Holidays are a tradition traditionally practiced by the Indonesian community. Usually, people will go from H-7 to H-1 before the holiday. Since it’s a tradition, people will usually be willing to spend more money on this fringe.

As you know, during the month of Ramadan monthly expenditure will definitely increase by double. Especially by the holiday. Plus there is this tradition of this holiday. If your existing funds are out of stock during the month of Ramadan and the funds have not dropped while you are about to go back, what will you do? The only way is to lend 2 million unsecured money.

Lending 2 Million Money Without Warranty For Flexible Needs, Can I?

Lending 2 Million Money Without Warranty For Flexible Needs, Can I?

Of course, you are wondering if we can lend 2 million unsecured loans for extended needs? Before answering that question, you should know what a 2 million dollar loan is without a guarantee. As the name implies, this 2 million unsecured loan is a $ 2 million loan without the need to provide collateral or collateral as a condition of the loan.

Most 2 million unsecured lenders are Good Finance companies that can lend online up to $ 1 million. Why not just borrow it from the bank? It should be noted that the unsecured loans at the bank offer a minimum loan of at least USD5 million so if you only apply for a $ 2 million loan, then it is certain that your loan will be rejected by the bank. So what about Pawnshop? When applying for a loan at Pawnshop, you will surely be required to provide guarantees such as vehicle BPK, gold, home certificates, or other valuable documents. So, it could be said that online loans are a good fit for you.

In answer to the above question, can we lend 2 million unsecured loans for broadband purposes? The answer is definitely valid as long as you can return it on time. Even better when your THR fund goes down, immediately pay off the 2 million unsecured debt so you won’t be out of debt when you celebrate the holiday. Usually, THR is liquid at least H-3 by the end of the day. If the company or office you work for has not reduced THR, then you can ask the HRD.

How To Make A 2 Million Money Lender Unsecured

How To Make A 2 Million Money Lender Unsecured

If you are confused about how to make this 2 million unsecured loan, you can read the explanation.

  • Do Mature Calculations

The first way to do this is to make the calculations straightforward. This needs to be done so that in the future the $ 2 million can be used properly and properly. Don’t come because of the miscalculation, the funds are being borrowed less to meet the needs of the public.

To put it simply, make a list of expenses on the go, ranging from car tickets (planes, buses, or trains) to commutes, meals on the go, souvenirs, parcels for families, and more. If your budget exceeds your budget, you can reduce some unnecessary spending.

  • Check for Allocation of Funds for a Student

The second way is to check the allocation of funds that you have for the off-season. Usually the allocation of funds for the forthcoming source goes to THR funds. The question is whether your THR funds are used for broadband purposes only? We recommend that when receiving THR, set aside 10-20% to save or allocate for investment first. Then pay off all the debt you have. Only the rest of you can use it for holiday needs.

  • Define Loan Provider

If both of these things are done, it’s time to determine the lender. As mentioned earlier, the option of a 2 million unsecured lender is a Good Finance company that can give you an unsecured online loan. But don’t choose a Good Finance company! Look for those who are already registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) because all of their processes have been monitored to be safe and reliable. One of the Good Finance companies already registered with OJK is Good Credit. Good Credit is an online loan application that can provide loans ranging from $ 1 million to $ 20 million.

  • Select the Right Payment Period

Please note that the online loan application for 2 million unsecured loans is different from bank lending because the duration of the loan is very short in terms of borrowed funds. You can choose a loan term of up to 180 days (6 months). Specify a payment period that suits your financial ability. Avoid taking the wrong payment period, resulting in late payment of installment debt.

  • Prepare Required Terms

Preparing the required terms is one of the most important things to do when applying for a 2 million unsecured loan. If the terms are incomplete and cannot be met, your loan application can be rejected. Di Good Credit, his application requirements are only 3, that is, a National Identity Card (ID), NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number), and a local account number.

How to Make a Loan on Good Credit

How to Make a Loan on Good Credit

If you want to lend it to Good Credit, the method is really easy because you can simply follow some of the steps below:

  • Download the on the PlayStore or AppStore
  • Sign up and complete the data
  • After successfully registering, login
  • Fill out the desired loan amount and tenor term
  • Click start applying

Now you just have to wait for your loan to be processed by Good Credit. If the personal data provided and the documents are complete, the funds can be liquid in just a few days. Liquid funds will be transferred directly to your local bank account which you have previously provided.

Don’t Forget Paying Timely Installments

Although you could have easily lent 2 million unsecured loans to Good Credit, but don’t forget to pay the installments in a timely manner so that when you need another loan, you can easily lend it because it has a very good credit history. I hope the above information is useful to you Dude and congratulations on your holiday preparations!