Sharjah launches plan for stranded marine animals


Through the examination of stranded sea creatures, the program aims to expand our existing knowledge about marine biodiversity, ecology and threats.

The Sharjah Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) has announced the launch of the Sharjah Strandings Response Program, a wildlife monitoring, search and rescue program focused on responding to stranded marine animals.

The announcement coincides with World Turtle Day, which falls on May 23 each year.

Hana Saif Al Suwaidi, President of the Environment and Protected Areas Authority, said: “The Sharjah Strandings Response Program is an integral part of EPAA’s plans. By examining stranded marine reptiles, mammals and seabirds, the program aims to expand our existing knowledge of the biodiversity, ecology and threats of marine life.

“In addition to functioning as a marine life search and rescue program, the Sharjah Strandings Response Program also acts as an environmental awareness and education campaign for the community.”

The Authority seeks to achieve several objectives through this program, investigating and responding to marine reptiles, marine mammals and seabirds in a way that contributes to expanding current knowledge on biological diversity, the environment and threats related to marine animals. This information will also support the development of environmental conservation measures and policies, in addition to educating the wider community on the importance of species conservation.

Al Suwaidi spoke about the program’s logo design, adding that the color blue is an integral part of the design due to its indication of marine life.

She stressed that there will be an active presence of the program on various platforms and social media channels managed by the Authority, and that continuous communication and interaction with the community will allow the public to learn about the program and its activities. Goals. The program will also be featured in other miscellaneous activities managed and implemented by EPAA.

EPAA in Sharjah seeks to protect the environment and its nature reserves, wildlife and their biodiversity through scientific studies and research.

An earlier report stated that EPAA in Sharjah had announced the start of the jury’s work for the ninth edition of the Sharjah Sustainability Award.

The number of participants from various universities and colleges in the emirates reached 257 students.

The Sharjah Sustainability Award also includes a category for public and private schools in the emirates, with 123 schools and educational centers participating in the 2020/2021 award.


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