Photo contest a fundraiser for wild animals supported by BC SPCA


The annual event is a donation-to-vote format with all funds raised to support wildlife rehabilitation at a specialty facility in Victoria.

British Columbia’s wildlife is vast, beautiful, and worthy of many photo ops.

For a 13th year, the SPCA is calling for entries for its annual Wildlife-In-Focus competition, which also serves as a fundraiser for its Victoria facility specializing in animal rehabilitation.

In 2020, nearly $ 33,000 was raised through the donation to vote event.

The money is used for food, medical care and other supplies needed to help more than 2,800 injured and orphaned creatures each year at the BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center (ARC).

“Wildlife-In-Focus is a celebration of the incredible diversity of wildlife that inhabit British Columbia,” said Erin Ryan, spokesperson for the BC SPCA.

“Every year we get amazing entries featuring various songbirds, red foxes playing in the forest, and bears catching salmon on the river with mountains in the background.”


The BC SPCA says the contest will only accept photos of wildlife taken in the province, including:

  • Birds in the wild
  • Mammals
  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • Fish
  • Insects

The SPCA has said it will not accept submissions of exotic, wild or domestic animals, or wildlife in zoos or rehabilitation facilities.

The two categories this year are “wilderness” and “backyard habitat”; the three best photos for each will be determined by the judges, along with an audience prize awarded by vote.

A photo book is also expected to be created for the 2021 edition, which will include the winners and the top 25 most popular with voters.

For more information on Wildlife-In-Focus and Wild ARC, you can visit the BC SPCA website.

The deadline for submitting photos is July 26 at midnight and the contest is open to amateur photographers aged 14 and over.

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