Is Shakira okay? Pop Princess and her son attacked by wild animals in a park


Shakira recently revealed that she is in danger while with her son in a Barcelona park.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” hitmaker shared details of the incident in Instagram Story, which also showed her damaged handbag.

The Colombian singer told in Spanish how wild boars attacked her: “Look how two wild boars that attacked me in the park left my bag.”

“They were taking my bag into the woods with my cell phone in it. They destroyed everything.”

Shakira, whose real name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, then showed her eight-year-old son, Milan Pique, to make him say to his 70.7 million followers: “Milan is telling the truth”.

“Tell how your mom resisted the boar.”

The BBC reported that aggressive pigs have become a major problem in Barcelona in recent years.

In 2016, the outlet reported that Spanish police received nearly 1,200 phone calls about wild boars attacking dogs and cat feeders, which ultimately blocked traffic and started hitting cars.

In 2019, Guardian reported that to find a solution to the cause of their headache, the city hired a team of veterinary scientists who targeted females and young pigs rather than adult males and accompanied police during nighttime alerts. .

The British publication reported that the method used later led to clashes between wild boars and humans which were reduced by more than half.

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Shakira attacked by a sea lion

But Shakira attacked by a boar is not the first time that an animal has attacked her.

In 2012, the hitmaker “Hips Don’t Lie” described how a sea lion tried to bite her while she was taking a picture of her on her phone.

It happened while on vacation in Cape Town, South Africa, revealing on a Facebook blog at the time how the animal was about a foot away from her, then looked her in the eye and said. then “roared with fury”.

The 44-year-old singer-dancer said in her article titled “Special Report: Attacked by Sea Lion,” “My brother ‘Super Tony’ jumped on me and literally saved my life, pulling me away from the beast.”

The award-winning Latin singer and her brother had scratches and revealed she was paralyzed with fear and “couldn’t move”.

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