What do Martin Bester’s pets think about? Animal communicator Hettie Richter explains


There are people who have the remarkable talent of communicating with animals. In the kykNET series “Dierepraters”, every Wednesday at 8:00 pm on kykNET (DStv channel 144), viewers meet some of these fascinating personalities.

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Communicating with animals is an age-old art that has recently gained new momentum and interest. While the ability of these specialists can sometimes be seen as esoteric and slightly mysterious, many of their techniques are based on science – from homeopathy and geometry to kinetics and body language.

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The presenter of the series is Daniah de Villiers, actress and animal activist. She is assisted by Hettie Richter, an animal communicator. In each episode, specialists in their field will share their knowledge. Viewers will see what techniques are used to find out what domestic and wild animals think and why they react the way they do. The series will also focus on the impact people and animals have on each other.

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“Like us, animals are also creatures created by God, and like us, they also have a purpose in life,” says Hettie. “Animals are not pretentious. They are not motivated by ego. They remind us of aspects of our soul that we have forgotten. I believe in mutual respect for the animal kingdom, especially the animals closest to us who help us carry our burden. “

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Hettie says she agreed to do the show to change people’s perception. “It gives the viewer a glimpse into my life and shows that animals are emotional beings too. Viewers will see sessions where owners learn to better understand their animals. Each animal has its own personality. Sometimes it’s quite funny to see it from their perspective.

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Other animal communicators seen in the series are specialist kinesiologist Annalize Carelse, who helps jealous cats, and Enid Fox, who shares his techniques with viewers including how to help animals and their owners when the animal needs to be slaughtered.

Watch his interview with Martin Bester below:

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