Adorable rescued farm animals set off on a joy run (VIDEO)


Prepare for cuteness overload before you start watching this video. The nice people of Edgar’s mission help these rescued farm animals get the quality of life they truly deserve. The lambs traded sheers for sweaters and we bet you’d be hard-pressed to find any happier pigs than the ones here.

The truth is that every day farm animals like these little lambs are forced to suffer on factory farms where they are subjected to conditions of overcrowding, deprived of the ability to express basic behaviors, and endlessly abused. The animals in these facilities are seen only as commodities, and not as the extraordinary individuals that they really are. This fact alone makes incredible farm animal sanctuaries like Edgar’s Mission all the more necessary. Why should an animal be subjected to the world of factory farms when there are comfortable sweaters and a wonderful, happy life awaiting them in sanctuaries all over the world?

We could give you the gory details of animal farming, but we believe that seeing how loving these animals are when allowed to live freely is just as powerful. These animals will brighten up the day for anyone who takes the time to watch them play.

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