Common pet disorders can be avoided


I have always been fascinated by science, especially veterinary science: the facts behind the health and illness of pets. We live in interesting times, with two contrasting trends going on.

First, the rise of social media has led to a wave of ‘anti-science’, with people no longer believing in ‘mainstream’ scientists and instead preferring to ‘do their own research’. This sometimes seems to involve visiting fringe websites that defend unproven minority views, often making outlandish claims that don’t add up when critically analyzed. Despite this, these views often have a populist appeal. As a scientist, I find this tendency difficult to manage: people cannot be easily dissuaded from their opinions.

Second, science has been collecting more data than ever and doing calculations with powerful computers at a remarkable rate. It allows us to gather authentic and proven facts about the world around us. This is the opposite of the false science mentioned above: it is based on evidence. It may not sound as appealing or exciting as the anti-science stuff, but as far as I know, it brings us closer and closer to fully understanding the world around us. And it can only be good for all of us, humans and animals.

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