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ROYAL OAK, Michigan ?? A woman from the Detroit suburbs has been ordered to find another home for her four African caracals after one of the feral cats spent hours at large after escaping from her enclosure this week.

Royal Oak Police issued five summons to Elaine Westfall. She only has a few days to remove her animals.

??They?? must be gone by Monday ?? all,?? Westfall told the Detroit Free Press. ?? This is not fair ?? Here, take my kitten. ?? It’s about taking my cat, my fat cat, and taking care of it for the rest of its life or until I can come and pick it up. It is a responsibility. You can’t just hand it over to just anyone.

On Wednesday morning, at least two of the cats came out of an enclosure.

She used raw meat to lure one into the enclosure, but Bam Bam ?? described as weighing around 50 pounds ?? was captured that evening a few blocks from Westfall’s house by an animal recovery organization.

Police said the cats are placed in an animal category that is not regulated by the state and that they have escaped on at least two other occasions.

Native to Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and India, caracals feed on rodents, other small mammals, and birds.

Westfall, 62, said she didn’t know how the cats escaped and that she wasn’t sure the police had the power to get her out.

?? I have no children ??? she said. ?? I have four-legged animals. These are my children. ???

While Bam Bam was on the run, police contacted the Royal Oak School District to warn that the missing caracal had been seen around an elementary school.

Residents have been warned not to approach it.

Caracals are characterized by a short face with two black stripes extending from the forehead to the nose, white spots around the eyes and mouth, and bushy ears. Their fur is reddish tan or sand colored.

Fall of the west ?? who defines himself as a “cat person”? ?? said she got the cats two years ago after five years of research. It was her dream, she says, to have these cats as pets and raise them, ?? everyone loves them. ??

Bam Bam’s frantic search ended around 10:30 p.m. The police had searched the area for him all day and all night with flashlights.

Heather Ineich, along with South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, grabbed the cat, which was in a partially fenced backyard about two blocks from his home. Once she chased away the police, she lured him into a trap.

In the dark, she could see his shining eyes. ??I got you,?? Ineich posted on Facebook, referring to the cat a ?? little Houdini. ??

Ineich said she thought the situation had been exaggerated, especially, she said, because when the police intervened it made it seem like a vicious animal was terrorizing the city.

She also fell in love with the big cats and also urged Westfall to fight his citations in court.

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