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CLARKSVILLE (TN) (CLARKSVILLENOW) The shelter is home to dogs and cats of all breeds, ages and sizes are offered at local animal shelters and shelters. They also have opportunities to assist homeless animals by offering programs for charity, donations, and assistance with fundraising as well as other activities for families. Contact an emergency assistance center near you to learn more.

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control

Moon is a female who is young. Retriever and Schnauzer mix. She is expected to be a girl with average height. She is current on her vaccinations sterilized and wants to be at home. With her breed mix she’ll be a great fit in a household that is active. For more details, MCACC can answer your questions.

Mindy Is an extremely petite female Calico kitten with the most adorable face. She is current with her vaccinations and is trained to be a littermate. If you’re looking for an excellent companion, then Mindy might be the one for you. Find them both at Montgomery County Animal Care and Control, 616 N. Spring St., 931-648-5750,

Cats are among us

Maine Maine a tabby cat with short hair who resided in the park. People who tried to care for her noticed she was limping, and referred her into a rescue group for assistance. She’s about four months old. A thorough vet examination revealed no medical reasons for her limp. They believe it will improve as time passes. She is extremely kind and gentle, and she loves affection. Her new family will need to guard her and monitor her development. Maine is current with vaccines, sterilized, and litter-trained. Maine is currently available at PetSmart weekends from noon to 4 p.m. or by appointment through Cats Are Us, 931-503-0053,

Dover County Humanitarian Society

Olivier is a six month old kitten in Tuxedo, female Black and white. She is up-to-date on all vaccinations sterilized, litter trained and dewormed. She has also undergone treatment for ticks and fleas. She is very affectionate and affectionate. She also enjoys being with other cats. You can find her from the Humane Society of Dover-Stewart County, 931-305-8212,

Animal rescue by the staunch supporters of Stewart County

Maddie is a one-year older Hound mix. She is current on heartworm vaccinations, vaccinations and sterilized. She is small for her breed mix with a weight of about 30 pounds. She gets along well with other dogs, but is not a good fit for cats or children, so it is recommended to meet her. Maddie could be a great for any family. Find her via Stewart County Faithful Friends Animal Rescue, 931-627-1459,

Mid Tennessee Pet Rescue

Atlas (Atti) is an attractive and lively 3 year old Pitbull Terrier mix sporting a lovely brindle coat. He is well-trained at the cash desk as well as up-to-date with vaccinations, and sterilized. He is a huge fan of children and fascinated by every activity they engage in. He loves to play , but might be better off when playing with older children because of his energy. Likes a place with no pets, however, he can be a great pet with friendly and social dogs. He’s a great candidate for the agility ball, the flying ball or long walks / runs to channel that energy and connect with his new companions. Without reason of their own Atti is waiting on his new home to be his for a long time. This sweet boy can be found via Companion Pet Rescue of Middle Tennessee, 615-260-8473,

A caring dog rescue from two women

Ripley will be an adorable 11 month older Great Dane / Boxer mix. Ripley has a beautiful brindle coat, and is in a large size. He is very friendly, playful and curious. He’s up-to-date in his vaccinations and neutered, as well as microchipped. He enjoys playing with other dogs, however they might not be aware of his size, therefore it is recommended to greet him at the door. The potential family members of Ripley should be familiar with big races or have a basic understanding of races to be sure that the dog is appropriate. You can find Ripley via Two Ladies Caring Dog Rescue, 931-217-1587,

Sagley’s Bully Farm Biker

Sugar is the most delicious of male Pit Bull terrier mix. He’s about two years old. He’s not yet neutered but is current on his the rabies vaccine. Sugar is a lover of playing with other dogs, and would like to feel loved. But, Sugar was shot in the front paw. The rescue team takes care of his requirements and helps him return to good health. Although his injuries aren’t a hindrance, it doesn’t stop Sugar from being a content dog and he’ll soon be back to his new home when fully healed. If you are looking for a great companion and think Sugar would be a great fit and for more information on him you can find him via Sagley’s Biker Bully Farm, 408-355-5493,


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